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When it comes to quality, we don't take chances.

When it comes to professional body jewelry there are definitely DO’s and DON’T’s!  At Nathan’s, we only utilize professional, implant grade body jewelry for your piercings.  Meaning we only use internally threaded jewelry versus externally threaded jewelry (see picture).  



Externally threaded pieces are not made from implant grade materials such as implant grade stainless steel and implant grade titanium; rather they are made from cheap metals that adversely affect the skin and potential healing of a fresh piercing.  They are not smooth when entering a fresh piercing and can cause significant tissue damage and rejection of piercings.  When piercing with externally threaded jewelry, one is basically shoving a screw through a nail hole (created by the piercing needle).  

Implant grade stainless steel, implant grade titanium, as well as nickel-free gold, are the highest quality metals that one can get pierced with.  These materials are used by doctors when implanting metals into the human body.  We strive to use only the best and safest materials for your body.  

We only use 14k and 18k gold pieces which is soft enough to bend if needed, but not so soft that pieces easily lose their shape in the body.  Our white gold is 15% palladium, this replaces nickel which is most commonly used to alloy with, which comes from the platinum family and is the highest quality available!

Our jewelry is primarily manufactured in the United States, if not in California, if not even in Los Angeles itself!  We stay as local as possible when offering you the best quality body jewelry for your piercings!    

Special requests are welcomed!  We have included our vendors and their information for you to be able to peruse.  If something strikes your fancy, please contact Crystal at for a quote and estimate in delivery time.  We love serving our clients as personally as possible.  

See the obvious difference between the externally threaded jewelry that is not implant grade that fades & tarnishes versus the internally threaded professional implant-grade jewelry that stays polished looking.  Make the RIGHT choice for your body!  It’s cheaper to invest in the right jewelry now, rather than pay a hospital bill for a piercing gone significantly wrong!